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two killed july 17th

I hate to have to blog about such a horrible incident, but it is important. First I want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all involved and impacted by this shooting in Tutusville Florida on July 17, 2016. Below is the information on the incident.

An elderly patient and a hospital employee are dead after being shot at Parrish Medical Center in Titusville early Sunday in what police are calling a random attack.

The suspect entered the hospital through the emergency room and went up to the third floor, where Cynthia Zingsheim, 88, and 36-year-old Carrie Rouzer were shot in Zingsheim’s room, police say.

“Investigators have not been able to determine a motive at this time, nor any connection to the victims,” said Commander Todd Hutchinson in a news release. “They are continuing to investigate this tragic incident.”

David Owens, 29 of Titusville, has been booked into the Brevard County Jail on two counts of murder.

Owens was found guilty of battery on a police officer in 2011 and a judge in 2012 twice ordered him to undergo a mental health examination, court records show.

Records also show that other arrests for cocaine and marijuana possession and domestic battery were dismissed.

Two security officers helped restrain the suspect until law enforcement arrived, medical center spokeswoman Natalie Sellers said in a news release. The suspect left the handgun he used in Zingsheim’s room, Hutchinson said.

Sellers said security, staff and volunteers followed the hospital’s active shooter policy.

“Parrish Medical Center did have a plan,” Police Chief John Lau said during a news conference. “And there’s no doubt that their action saved lives.”

Lau emphasized the importance of training for emergency situations.

“It could happen anywhere and there’s no city large enough or small enough. …

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office deputies also arrived to help the Titusville Police Department.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Could this have been prevented? Maybe not. Does your hospital have an active shooter policy? Do you know what to do as a staff member if there is a weapon, shooter or act of violence occurring in the area where you work?

You might be thinking” oh that is horrible”, but are you also thinking that it won’t happen at your place of employment? I am sure the staff at Parrish Medical Center didn’t ever think it would happen there either.

So what do we do about this? Well, we can’t carry weapons or wear a lead vest, but we can be educated. I will tell you that if there is EVER a shooter in your work area you have two options and only two options. RUN or FIGHT. If you hide you will be a “sitting duck” and an easy target. Hiding increases your chance of being killed exponentially.

I will develop a page on my blog in the next week or so going over common active shooter protocols for nurses. So stay tuned.

There has been a lot of violence in the news. Please keep aware of your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation and the hair on the back of your neck stands up…it is for a reason. Listen to those “gut feelings”.

Be aware and take care of each other.



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