“Think Smart …Be Safe” Self Defence for Nurses

Part of remaining safe either at work or in your day-to-day life revolves around THINKING SMART!

In my THINK SMART…BE SAFE course, I focus on avoiding dangerous situations or situations that make you a target for violence. Not all incidents can be avoided unfortunately and that is why I teach a few key techniques to fight off our attacker.

You don’t have to be a black belt martial artist or MMA fighter to escape an attacker, but you do have to know…YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE. If there is a knife…you are going to get cut. If there is a gun…you have a good possibility of getting shot. If you get overpowered and taken to a secondary location you are dead. That is why I focus on avoiding situations that have the potential to put you in a situation to be assaulted or killed.

When attacked we do not want to “stay and play”…its time to get away!

Many people who are attacked and attempt to utilize weapons, quickly have them turned against them. If you carry a firearm, make sure you are comfortable with it, make sure you practice shooting that exact weapon frequently and complete the maintenance on that weapon to make sure it is in good working order. Knives, batons, a taser,mace,pepper spray or any other self-defence weapon has the potential to be used against you as well. Make sure you know how to properly use the weapon. If attacked, your adrenaline will be raging through your body and the ability to think calmly diminishes along with you fine motor skills. Operating some of these weapons will be more difficult in the moment to operate. Know how they work.

I love when I talk to people about what to do in an attack situation. The always say, “I’ll kick’em in the balls and run”. Pardon my little giggle. If it was that easy, I wouldn’t have seminars to present would I? The groin…the sacred groin. I hate to tell you. It just doesn’t work well. It’s not like the movies. So lets forget the “low balls” as I like to refer to them, and lets look at the “high balls” (the eyeballs). Yes. Forget below the belt, lets not only stop our attacker in the moment, but also stop them from chasing you when you get away.

You have seconds to stop the attack, disable your attacker and get away. Unless you are highly trained, once the “fight or flight” response kicks in, your body makes many changes and kicks into survival mode. Your body can only maintain this state for a short period of time. That is why we don’t stay and play, we get away. Here are some of the changes that occur.


If you feel your organization would be interested in a seminar or some information on nurse safety and self-defence, please contact me at: nursecoffeestat@yahoo.com

Please continue to view and follow my blog at nurseneedscoffeestat.org,  as I will be adding more tips on how to keep yourself from becoming a victim. I also will answer any questions or concerns you might have as well. I am here to help keep you safe.

Stay aware and watch out for each other. Hope to talk soon. Gotta run, my coffee is ready.








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